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Robert Gerard Ducharme, B.Math., M.Acc., C.A.
(March 27, 1973)
Place of birth: South Huron Hospital, Exeter, Ontario, Canada
Date of marriage: August 17, 1996
Degrees and Professional Designations

My wife:
Christa Lynn Ducharme, BMus, B.Ed.
(nee Keller)
(September 22, 1972)
Place of birth: Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
Degrees and Professional Designations

Our Children:
Lucas William Ducharme (October 12, 2001)
Jared Robert Ducharme (July 24, 2003)
Rachel Lynn Ducharme (January 12, 2006)

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My Family

I am the youngest of four children in my family. I have three older sisters: Lori, Tracy and Mary. All of my sisters are married and some have even started families of their own.

My parents are Jerome and Helene Ducharme.

Here is a brief profile of my parents:
They were married on October 12, 1963 in Zurich, Ontario.

Jerome Ducharme
(April 17, 1944 - April 15, 1996)

Helene Ducharme
(January 7, 1945)

And now a brief profile of my three sisters and their husbands:
Lori Ducharme-Hawkins
(August 28, 1964)
Husband: Tim Hawkins (March 3, 19xx)
Married: June ?, 2003 in London, Ontario
Address: London, Ontario, Canada
Michael Paul Zajic (August 11, 1992)

Tracy Lockhart, B.S.W.
(September 24, 1965)
Husband: Wayne Lockhart, P.Eng. (March 3, 1958)
Married: August 10, 1991 in Zurich, Ontario
Address: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Justin Robert Lockhart (August 26, 1992)
Jenna Fay Lockhart (August 26, 1992)
Bradley James Lockhart (April 13, 1994)
Natalie Anne Lockhart (April 4, 1999)

Mary Regier, B.A.
(March 1, 1969)
Husband: Scott Regier (August 7, 1970)
Married: May 20, 1995 in Zurich, Ontario
Address: London, Ontario, Canada
Nicolas Alexander Jerome Regier (October 16, 1997)
Nathan Joseph Regier (February 23, 2000)
Jacob Regier (August ?, 2003)

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